March 25, 2022-Thanks and Prayer

Friday was quite amazing. We were blessed with so many volunteers—some visiting from afar! Thank you to all of them! Our Blessed Virgin Mother was on the minds of many because it was The Feast of the Annunciation, a day for celebration. It was also a day of prayer to Mary. Around the world, including by the fryers, people took time out of their day to pray together a Prayer for The Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for Russia and Ukraine.

By the end of the night, we served 1395 meals. We have found our rhythm with the drive-thru and in-person. Thank you to all who made our fry part of your day. We hope to see you this Friday! For those who want to experience the best volunteer Fish Fry and tasty fish and fixins-please come!

Bill and Mary Beth, two of our fish bakers! Psst-the baked fish is really good.

March 18, 2022-Great Weather, Great Fellowship

Father Scalia takes note of Father John Paul’s fish frying skills. Scott just keeps frying and frying and frying…
And some of the hardest workers of the night—the fish breaders! Ella and Penny easily breaded over 200 fillets before their shift was over!

On the eve of the Feast of St. Joseph, we welcomed parishioners and members of the community to our fry. Families were able to hang out both inside and out. Some ate outside-picnic style. A few convertibles even had the tops down! It was a great night for community, fellowship, and positivity. May peace come to all in the world and the love and good of St. Joseph guide us all.

March 11, 2022-Before, During, & After

Before-Meaghan, our amazing volunteer coordinator checks in with the early crew;

During-Father John Paul takes a turn at frying fish;

After-Kim and Julie, the dynamic duo who keep us all going, start inventory just before midnight…

Thank you to the band. It was amazing! Thank you to all of our volunteers. We served 1303 meals. Finally, thank you to everyone who made our fry part of your day. May God Bless All of you this week and beyond.

Week Five 2021

Friday was the Feast of St. Joseph, earthly father to Jesus and husband of Mary. He is also the patron saint of Workers. I like to think he was shining down upon us as all volunteers at the Fish Fry were at their best. Special shout out to our morning crew who does everything from wash and prepare potatoes to cupping cole slaw and tartar sauce. Eleven minutes was the longest wait time from ordering to receiving a meal during the rush. That is quite amazing. We served 860 dinners this week. This Friday will be our last Fry for this Lenten season. The weather is supposed to be lovely and we will be prepared for a great turnout. So come join us this Friday. We look forward to seeing you!