Welcome to Fish Fry!

The Saint James Fish Fry began in 2010 and has been going and growing ever since. Snow, ice, and even a continued pandemic can’t stop the Fry. We are a volunteer run, community fish fry. The donations we receive for the meals help fund the costs of the fry, meals to those who need assistance, and our social outreach programs which serve hundreds in our area.

We hope you can join us!

2023 Dates

February 24, March 3, March 10, March 17, March 24, March 31

Food service begins at 5pm.

We will have both in-person dining and drive-thru.

T-shirts with this year’s theme will be available for donations each Friday until supplies run out.

Voted best Fish Fry in Falls Church,

13 years and Counting!

March 5, 2021-Photo by Pat Giannelli

The Menu

Our meals are prepared by volunteers each Friday and include:

  • Fried* or Baked Fish
  • Hush Puppies
  • French fries or Baked Potato
  • Cole slaw
  • Rolls
  • Macaroni & Cheese (by request)
  • Chocolate, Vanilla, or Carrot cake (has pecans)

Please Note: *The fish are fried in peanut oil. Meals are served as long as we have fish and fries. Other items may be substituted or omitted as the night progresses.

Suggested donation per meal (Cash or Check):

Kids (6-13 y.o.)$5
Kids (< 5 y.o.)Free

  • The Last of the Season

    During the week we made the last set of carrot cakes for the season. Heller did smell great at the end of the night. I will miss Father Vu stopping by to chat. If you like math, over the six weeks, we used 170 cups of shredded carrots, 255 eggs, 35 lbs of cream cheese,Continue… Read more

  • The Weekly Roundup

    Behind the Scenes-We make the majority of our food in house and that includes the cole slaw. On Thursday nights a crew of dedicated souls comes in and peels, cuts, shreds and mixes carrots, cabbage, onions, special sauce, etc… Hundreds of pounds! And then like the mice in a Beatrix Potter book, they clean everythingContinue… Read more

  • Thank you St. Patrick!

    What a lovely night! No rain and it wasn’t too cold! There was a very festive air throughout the Fry. St. Patrick interceded rather nicely for us (Perhaps it was because we put sprinkles on the cakes this week!). Simply put-a night of great fellowship and food! We served over 1000 meals! This year weContinue… Read more

  • Inside/Outside

    One of the cool aspects of our FF is that we have both inside dining and drive-thru (apparently we made p. A-2 of the March 9th CH). The food is the same, the volunteer spirit is the same, but the vibes are different (in a good way). The inside is a little slower paced thanContinue… Read more

  • A Rainy Night in VA

    Last night was the first Friday of the Month which is the day that our social outreach program distributes food to those in need. Fish Fry partnered with Social Outreach last night and was able to give meals to those who also received food assistance. So the drive-thru was a little busier than normal withContinue… Read more

  • Wow & Thank you!

    Our 14th annual Lenten Fish Fry has begun. We served over 1200 meals. Thank you to all of our volunteers–you made that possible! It was wonderful to welcome so many new folks and reconnect with others. There are so many different jobs of which we have highlighted a few in this gallery. If Fish RunningContinue… Read more

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