The Weekly Roundup

Behind the Scenes-We make the majority of our food in house and that includes the cole slaw. On Thursday nights a crew of dedicated souls comes in and peels, cuts, shreds and mixes carrots, cabbage, onions, special sauce, etc… Hundreds of pounds! And then like the mice in a Beatrix Potter book, they clean everything up and you would not even know they had been there (until you open the fridge and there is enough slaw to fill 1000 cups!) Watching them work you forget that this isn’t their day jobs. Tasting their efforts on Friday, you appreciate their dedication.

The Weather-Despite the Rain, we served over 1100 meals. In the drive thru we have gotten used to the rain and have adapted to it quite well. One customer quipped that we (the outside crew) were more penitential than the inside folks (we really appreciate our customers patience and their willingness to come out for a meal). Having said that, I am almost certain I am not the only one looking forward to dry weather this Friday…

Sharing Recipes-Each Friday morning during Lent we have a crew that does the potatoes. The potatoes are all washed and prepared (over 300+ each week). Several people have asked us about the seasonings that we use on the potatoes. It is 3 parts salt: 2 parts granulated garlic: 1 part pepper (the photo shows it before it was mixed). Yes, that container for measuring and mixing is kept each year!

We hope that everyone has a wonderful week. We hope to see you this Friday! (Our last Fish Fry of the Lenten Season)

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