The Last of the Season

During the week we made the last set of carrot cakes for the season. Heller did smell great at the end of the night. I will miss Father Vu stopping by to chat.

If you like math, over the six weeks, we used 170 cups of shredded carrots, 255 eggs, 35 lbs of cream cheese, and way more powdered sugar than seems possible. Since my recipe is Southern, lots of buttermilk was involved and even a touch of honey. AND of course love! Lots of Love!

As for Friday–the weather was amazing and the night went well. We served over 1200 fish dinners. For the Lenten Season, we served about 7000 dinners over the six weeks. All of this was made possible because of our great volunteers and our great patrons. Thank you for a wonderful Lenten Season. Happy Easter!

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