Thank you St. Patrick!

What a lovely night! No rain and it wasn’t too cold! There was a very festive air throughout the Fry. St. Patrick interceded rather nicely for us (Perhaps it was because we put sprinkles on the cakes this week!). Simply put-a night of great fellowship and food! We served over 1000 meals!

This year we are trying to be more sustainable so thanks to some donors, we have biodegradable bags and some compostable containers. Apparently it has hit a chord with at least one customer to our fish fry. I received this last night.

Not going to lie, fish fry taste better in a compostable clamshell container.

Compliments to the preparers–I took the photos as they came out of the bags. Very photogenic presentation. And cheers to the cooks, fryers, choppers, and bakers.

So I leave you with images of the week-so many great volunteers and wonderful moments (and if you haven’t done the drive-thru–the parking lot crew is crazy delightful!)

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