One of the cool aspects of our FF is that we have both inside dining and drive-thru (apparently we made p. A-2 of the March 9th CH). The food is the same, the volunteer spirit is the same, but the vibes are different (in a good way). The inside is a little slower paced than outside and that makes sense. Last night in the hall, there was live music so folks could sit and chat for quite a while. Juxtaposed to the hall, we were serving cars in the Knecht Gym parking lot at quite a good pace. Freakishly good given the cold, cold rain. I didn’t count cars but by the end of 3 hrs, we had served 458 to-go orders and most orders were in an 1.5 hr period. The total for the night was 1091 (which includes about 90 volunteers). Honestly, when I walked in from working the drive-thru last night-it was a little surreal ☺️. It is a different kind of well-oiled machine.

When it comes to those we serve inside and outside, both have loyal patrons as well as those wanting to experience a fish fry. Whatever the preference, we are thankful to all who came and as always–all who volunteer.

This Friday is the Feast of St. Patrick and we will be serving fish! The Hall will be a little more festive and the cakes will be a little fancier. The weather is supposed to be rather lovely. So why not come on out or drive by for a meal–we will be here.

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