A Rainy Night in VA

Last night was the first Friday of the Month which is the day that our social outreach program distributes food to those in need. Fish Fry partnered with Social Outreach last night and was able to give meals to those who also received food assistance. So the drive-thru was a little busier than normal with some receiving groceries as well as fish dinners. In the drive-thru alone, we served over 700 meals! A huge thank you to all the very patient folks who did the drive-thru last night. We hope you had a positive experience. We appreciate your willingness to spend a little time with us on a rainy Friday night.

As always a huge shout out to our volunteers–last night was community and fellowship at its finest. Watching our drive-thru crew have so much fun taking orders and delivering meals–while the cold rain came down was pretty inspiring. It is such a wonderful event to part of–and we always need more volunteers.

Thursday–Getting ready for Friday’s all day rain. In order to fry-the fryers must be dry. All this was set up on Thursday. By 10 pm on Friday night–it was all taken down.

Friday Morning & Early Afternoon Operations-On Friday morning, over 330 potatoes were washed, prepared, and baked. Hundreds and hundreds of cups of cole slaw and tartar sauce were made, and so many stations were set up.

The Closing-As the last car drove thru the line, Dr. Austin Middleton, my favorite bagpiper sent us home…or at least inside out of the rain.

The After Party–It just sounded better than, “The Clean Up. ” After the last meals are served, everything has to be cleaned up and put away. This happens for all six weeks of our Lenten Fish Fry. We have volunteers who come in at the end of the night and wash dishes including bins that held raw fish. Others who mop all the floors, put up the chairs and tables, and take down all the stations. Our fry crew filters all the peanut oil (and whatever is usable for next week-will be saved) and cleans all the fryers.

So have a wonderful week and we hope to see you on Friday.

If you see someone without a smile today, give ’em yours. -Dolly Parton

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