Wow & Thank you!

Our 14th annual Lenten Fish Fry has begun. We served over 1200 meals. Thank you to all of our volunteers–you made that possible! It was wonderful to welcome so many new folks and reconnect with others. There are so many different jobs of which we have highlighted a few in this gallery. If Fish Running and Fish Breading were Olympic sports–Saint James kids would win.

We are also working on decreasing our carbon footprint. Working with our Creation Care Ministry and the Scouts, we have two new initiatives. First, we have recycling bins for cans bottles, and plastic (so keep a look out for those when disposing of waste). Second, we also have biodegradable and compostable to-go bags for the drive-thru. And since people always ask-we use wild-caught flounder.

Have a great week! We hope to see you Friday!

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