Week Two 2021

What an amazing community we have! From all the volunteers to all our patrons, last night was exceptional. Thank you for your patience while we work to get food served quickly and safely. Our fryers, bakers, and those who package and deliver the orders—never stopped. By the end of the night we had served almost 900 dinners. A special shout out to our volunteers who make it possible. From 5th graders on up, everyone who volunteered had an integral role.

We make the majority of the food we serve – fresh battered fish, homemade hush puppies and cole slaw, and carrot cakes baked from scratch. Hundreds of pounds of fish and potatoes are made into yummy creations each week. Even the tartar sauce is tweaked to perfection. Thank you again for making us part of your Lenten journey.

2 thoughts on “Week Two 2021

  1. We just finished your delicious fish. We waited 2 hrs and only got the fish, some tater tots, and a couple onion rings, but the fish was yummy and the staff friendly. We asked and were told by the time we were in line you fed 1,076 people! Congratulations 🎉


    1. Thank you for your very kind words and thank you for coming. Tonight was amazing. We served over 1200 meals. For fun stats-we had over 900 pieces of cake, 997 cups of cole slaw, 997 cups of tartar sauce, and hundreds of pounds of fish. We partnered with St. James Outreach Food Distribution Program so that when people in need of food assistance came and picked up their groceries (this happens the 1st Friday of every month), they were able to get meals as well. Our social outreach programs serve the broader NoVA community in so many ways and we are glad to be able to help them out. This is by far a record. The fish fry is quite a community event so please come again and hopefully we will be able to serve you just as well or even better.


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